Mike Korchak

Broome County District Attorney


On November 5th, 2019, voters elected Mike Korchak Broome County’s 26th District Attorney.

The choice was clear. Mike was the only candidate on the November 2019 ballot for Broome County District Attorney who had the experience, documented results and integrity to fill this important position.

We have known Mike and his family for years and are proud to be members of his campaign committee. Mike believes in the value of hard work and service to a cause greater than himself. That is why he has dedicated his 30- year legal career to serving as a prosecutor, Town of Union Judge, and an attorney for children and indigent persons. Mike has also volunteered for years at St. Michaels Church and Broome County Catholic Schools throughout our community.

Elections are very expensive. This year is no different.

Please help us obtain the resources necessary to ensure we keep Mike as our DA.

We respectfully request that you join us in supporting Mike for Broome County District Attorney by donating to the campaign. 

Broome County deserves an EXPERIENCED District Attorney with the integrity of Mike Korchak.

Put the people of Broome County over politics, help us keep District Attorney Mike Korchak fighting for Broome County!

Your support of our campaign is needed to keep Mike in office.

Donations are used for items like printing, advertising, mailings, yard signs, etc.

Please consider helping us so Mike and his team may continue to help you.


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Mike Korchak for DA
Mike Korchak for DA