Mike Korchak

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District Attorney Mike Korchak

Sworn in as Broome County District Attorney on January 1st, 2020, Mike has spent 25 years as a prosecutor in New York State. Korchak started his career as an Assistant District Attorney in 1989 in the Bronx County DA’s Office where he prosecuted narcotics cases and violent crime. Korchak then served as a Senior Assistant District Attorney in the Broome County District Attorney's Office from 1996 – 2007, prosecuting felony cases including homicide, robbery, and child sex abuse.

After a stint in private practice and Town of Union judge, he returned to the Broome County District Attorney's Office in 2016 as Chief Assistant District Attorney. Korchak prosecuted major violent cases including Dwight Burton, convicted, and serving life without parole for the murder of two young children and James Starnes serving 30 years to life for predatory sexual assault. As Broome County District Attorney Mike has overseen a transition of the laws of New York State including bail, discovery, and parole reform. Mike managed the office during the COVID pandemic and continues to be an advocate for victim’s rights.

As your current District Attorney he has assembled an elite team to carry out the responsibility and mission of the Broome County District Attorney’s Office. Together they have made Broome County a safer place to live by aggressively, effectively, and fairly prosecuting criminal activity, guided by principled professionalism, using compassion when called for, punishment as necessary, and justice always.

And to all Broome County citizens – Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Independence and Working Family Party members, and all other affiliations, the District Attorney’s office is not, and should never be a political office. In his over thirty years as a trial attorney and nearly 25 years as a prosecutor he nor anyone in the office has ever been been asked thier political affiliation by a crime victim. The election was based on his qualifications, experience, personal values & mission to serve. Mike is proud to be your District Attorney and fulfilling my promise to always put people ahead of politics.