Mike Korchak

Broome County District Attorney


New York state has instituted some of the most liberal policies in the country protecting criminals in the name of criminal justice reform. Social media and the press have vilified the police making the job of law enforcement much more difficult.

Did you know then if a witness to a crime talks to the police the criminal will immediately receive a copy of the witness’s statements? This discourages cooperation from the community. Did you know that there are crimes that are designated in New York State that no bail can ever be set? This causes multiple repeat offenders.

Did you know that in New York State drug felonies are considered non-violent offenses?

This causes few were individuals to seek treatment.

Did you know that discovery reform, the production of documents and materials pre-trial has caused some cases to be dismissed?

This benefits the criminal over the victim.

Despite these challenges Mike and the Broome County District Attorney's office will continue to fight for victims and have secured numerous convictions and lengthy state prison sentences 4 the most heinous criminals in Broome County.


These are just a few of the violent criminals that have been removed from our streets by Mike Korchak and the Broome County District Attorney’s Office.
Fighting for justice….fighting for victims…fighting for Broome County.


Larry Harris guilty Manslaughter 1st Degree, Predatory Sexual Assault. Sentence 79 years to life.

Scott Mawhiney guilty Attempted Murder of a Police Officer. Sentence 30 years to life.

Harold Cole guilty Kidnapping and Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Sentence 29 ½ years.

Brandon Rose guilty Murder 2nd Degree. Sentence 25 years to life.

Matthew Bonser guilty Attempted Murder, Burglary. Sentence 20 years.

Jack Cole guilty Course of Sexual Conduct vs a Child 1st Degree. Sentence 18 years.

Charles Airwyke guilty Course of Sexual Conduct vs a Child 1st Degree. Sentence 15 years.

Justin Miller guilty Course of Sexual Conduct vs a Child 1st Degree. Sentence 15 years.

Alex Ferrer guilty Burglary 2nd Degree. Sentence 15 years.

James Durham guilty Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Degree. Sentence 9 years.


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