Mike Korchak

Broome County District Attorney


Campaign Myths, Misinformation and Lies

Your District Attorney must be honest with you, and Mr. Battisti is not being honest.

He has previously stood with attorneys who publicly stated that a person is not fit to be DA who has little trial experience and has financial difficulties. These same attorneys now back a candidate with little trial experience and financial difficulties.

Below are several myths, misinformation and lies being told to you. We urge you to learn about each issue below, our position, and why this is important to you.

Mike Korchak in court room speaking

Myth: The District Attorney’s Office is not effective.

Fact: Aside from effectively prosecuting cases and sending felons to prison, there is very little a District Attorney can do to “prevent” crime. Unfortunately, the recent Bail Reform and Discovery laws have made arrests and indictments less of a deterrent to those committing crimes. Despite the additional rules, regulations and often complicated procedures that these laws now require, the Broome County District Attorney’s Office has continued to deliver results. In fact, looking at the most recently published statistics (which is for 2021) in criminaljustice.ny.gov the Broome DA’s effectiveness is clear.

Statistic NYS Average Broome County Why is this important ?
Overall Felony Conviction Rate 46.8% 56.8% More felony cases resulting in convictions when compared to the state average.
Felony Convictions 13.1% 28.7% Criminals are convicted of felony-level offenses at more than twice the state average.
Prison Sentences 6.7% 14.7% Criminals are sentenced to prison at more than twice the state average.
Misdemeanor Convictions 35.1% 37.8% More Misdemeanor cases resulting in convictions when compared to the state average.
Dismissed Felonies ** 34.1% 19.3% Less cases being dismissed.

** While convictions in most cases are warranted, some cases do not result in a conviction due to insufficient evidence, statutory restrictions, discovery penalties, lack of witness cooperation, and the wishes of the victims. It is also important to note that invividuals may be charged at different levels for the same crime. For example an individual may be charged with Murder and Manslaughter. When they are found guilty of murder, any lessor charge results in a dismissal. In Broome County cases are dismissed at a rate well under the state average.

Importance: Under Mike Korchak’s leadership, the Broome County District Attorney’s Office out-performs most of New York State. With the right leadership and a skilled staff, criminals are being convicted of felony offenses and going to prison at more than twice the state average.

Myth: Our campaign repeatedly abandoned the Republican party.

Fact: Mike Korchak has not abandoned the Republican Party. Some of the corrupt LOCAL Republican Party leadership continues to mislead party members and voters.

In BROOME COUNTY, senior leadership within the party is controlled by A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO handpick their candidates without input from other members of the party. Their conduct behind the scenes – unknown to rank and file Republicans – serves only to benefit their small clique of friends. They provide their friends with things such as committee lists, email lists or other resources for campaigning – AND DENY THIS ASSISTANCE TO anyone else wishing to run!

Only a group such as this would endorse a candidate with no prosecutorial experience and a history of financial irresponsibility over a highly qualified, 25+ year prosecutor who has fought for victims in the community for decades.

My opponent would lead you to believe that seeking other indorsements is somehow wrong.

According to the DA’s Association of the State of NY and their Code of Ethics: “In order to demonstrate public support for the nonpartisan nature of the DA’s Office, a DA should consider accepting the endorsement of more than one political party when running for office.”

Following that guidance, we will consider accepting endorsements from other parties to make sure that this officer remains nonpartisan.

Importance: Voters need to understand that the backdoor deals and alliances reduce the number of qualified candidates, and discourage good people from representing their communities. It is essential that voters examine the complete picture when selecting a candidate including experience, motivation, and their ethical compass. The wishes of a small group of politicians should not determine your vote.

Myth: Paul Battisti has the experience required to be elected District Attorney.

Fact: Mr. Battisti promotes himself as an attorney who handles criminal law (defense), family law, and personal injury law. He has been in several different firms during his career and has not once held a position as a prosecutor, nor has he ever prepared a case for prosecution.

He claims to have handled thousands of cases… although many have been minor traffic matters. He continues to represent drug dealers (including the largest Methamphetamine dealer ever convicted in Broome County) , rapists, murderers and fentanyl dealers who harm our friends and family.

An attorney can choose who they wish to represent. Mr. Battisti has chosen to represent the killer of Harper Stantz and the driver who recently killed two people on the Vestal Parkway.


Importance: A District Attorney must have experience as a prosecutor. The DA needs to be able to lead a team of prosecutors, assist with direction, provide a moral compass, and give leadership in many situations. This is not possible unless you are an experienced prosecutor.

Myth: Paul Battisti has demonstrated the fiscal responsibility required to be elected District Attorney.

Fact: Mr. Battisti has a long-standing history of financial difficulties.

  • Public records indicate financial issues around the payment of advertising accounts with a previous law firm that was ultimately dissolved.
  • Public records indicated he had tax liens just prior to the 2019 election that he dismissed by saying “that is the way many businesses manage cash flow”. (Miraculously they were paid off prior to the election.)
  • His previous campaign filings showed an influx of money above the contribution limits which were never repaid by the campaign and thus could not be classified loans but rather remain illegal contributions.
  • He was the former owner operator of D’Lusso Limousine Service. A company which was not only unsuccessful but whose lead driver (with an extensive criminal record) was under investigation at the time the business dissolved.
  • In 2022 he and his wife filed a signed affidavit with Specialized Loan Servicing LLC (a matter of public record) to modify his original mortgage. In this filing he swore that he was experiencing a financial hardship, and stated that he could not make the monthly mortgage payments. He also agreed to obtain credit counseling in connection with the program should the lender require him to do so. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Importance: In managing the District Attorney’s office there must be fiscal responsibility and appropriate financial decisions must be made.

Myth: Paul Battisti can change the prosecutorial process in Broome County.

Fact: The laws regarding Bail Reform and Disclosure are regulated by New York State. Whether you agree or disagree with these laws, a DA must follow them. Making such a campaign promise is not only disingenuous but is also blatantly deceptive.

Importance: Mr. Battisti would like you to believe he would have some influence beyond this county. The reality is that he has no plan, no platform and no comprehensive strategy other than the sound bites he is being fed from those around him.

Myth: Employee Turnover is a problem at the District Attorney’s office.

Fact: There is turnover in the District Attorney’s Office. This is normal.

Turnover in a District Attorney’s office is routine.

  • Following an election there is always a change in staff to some extent as different leadership reassigns duties and responsibilities.
  • It is not uncommon for younger attorneys seeking professional advancement to move on to different jobs with increased wages, better hours, no-on call duty, etc.. Departures from the District Attorney’s office due to retirement are also not uncommon.
  • Turnover in District Attorney’s offices across the state has increased since the Bail Reform and Discovery Laws took effect in 2020. Attorneys are working harder than ever to meet the burdensome new discovery requirements. Prosecutors are salaried employees and are not compensated for these additional time demands. As a result, young attorneys are often leaving for better paying opportunities.

Importance: Mr. Battisti is touting turnover as an issue he can fix. Perhaps this is a result of his lack of understanding what it takes to be a prosecutor or because he is deliberately misleading the voters. Since Mike has taken office, he has added several highly experience and talented new attorneys to his team. In fact, the Broome County District Attorney’s Office has more trial experience now, than when he took office."

Myth: An Endorsement from Fred Akshar is a good thing for the District Attorney.

Fact: This is something the voters should be concerned with.

We certainly recognize that Mr. Battisti and Mr. Akshar are friends, but it is important that there be checks and balances between the DA and the Sheriff in the criminal justice system.

Mike has proven to be an independent prosecutor, owing political favors to no one. When a DA is beholden to someone who assisted in their campaign, a conflict arises that can have a negative impact on justice.

BATTISTI AND AKSHAR CROSSED THIS LINE ONCE BEFORE WITH THE FALSE ARREST OF BATTISTI’S EX-WIFE BY A DEPUTY SHERIFF IN THE CITY OF BINGHAMTON - AT BATTISTI’S REQUEST. Although the bogus charges were ultimately dismissed, it clearly demonstrates the potential for such a conflict to improperly influence a law enforcement decision. Read the article from the Press - Click Here.

The District Attorney’s Office has a popular and effective School Resource Officer program. Since Mike has taken office, he has doubled the number of School Resource Officers, keeping our children safe. Mr. Battisti has stated that he would drastically alter the program, running it out of the sheriff’s office, against the wishes of the school districts. Mike pledges to keep the SRO program the way it is.

Importance: Public Officials, especially those in leadership positions should not allow their professional relationships to influence professional decisions. It is essential that voters examine the complete picture when selecting a candidate including experience, motivation, who they associate with and their ethical compass.