Mike Korchak

Who will be our next DA?

In this year’s election for Broome County DA, there will be three candidates running in the November 5, 2019 election. While all three will claim they have the experience to lead the District Attorney's office, only ONE candidate has the qualification. That candidate is Chief Assistant Distirct Attorney Michael Korchak.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Michael Korchak has a marathon record of prosecuting and putting away violent felons, trial after trial after trial.

Mike Korchak has spent 21 years trying and convicting murderers, rapists, child predators, drug dealers, and many more of the most heinous felons in Broome County history.

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As a career felony trial attorney, Mike Korchak has taken more than 100 felony trials to verdict.


That's the kind of experience we need in our new Broome County DA.


Click here for Mike's Resume in PDF format.

A Felony trial career, AT A Glance

Mike Korchak

Broome County DA's Office

Chief Assistant District Attorney

2011 - 2015

Law Office of Carman M. Garufi

Felony Trial Attorney

1996 - 2007

Bronx County DA's Office

Assistant District Attorney

2016 - present

Law Office of Michael A. Korchak

Felony Trial Attorney

2007 - 2011

Broome County DA’s Office

Senior Assistant District Attorney

1989 - 1995