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Do not be misled by my opponent's campaign of misinformation. Crime is down in Broome County. Corruption in Broome County on my watch will not be tolerated.

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Don’t Fall for the Misrepresentations

Are you sick and tired of people not telling the truth? My opponent believes that the voters of Broome County are not well informed…..that they can’t tell fact from fiction ….. and that a loud voice repeatedly saying something makes it fact. I know that’s not the case. Please do not be misled by the myths and misinformation being circulated by my opponent.

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Korchak Announces
2023 Re-Election Campaign

December 14, 2022

As I enter my 25th year as a prosecutor, I am pleased to announce the start of my 2023 re-election campaign for Broome County District Attorney. Facing down bail reform, discovery reform and the COVID pandemic has been challenging. Yet, the Broome County District Attorney’s Office has worked tirelessly with law enforcement to achieve great success in the courtroom, securing justice fairly and without politics. The voters of Broome County entrusted me to assemble a District Attorney’s Office comprised of experienced, ethical prosecutors who fight relentlessly for the rights of victims.

We’ve accomplished much but there’s more work to do. Look for the official kickoff of our campaign in the coming weeks.

--- Mike

Your District Attorney

Thank you to our many volunteers and supporters for helping get District Attorney Michael A. Korchak elected. Since taking office on January 1, 2020, Mike, as Broome County DA, has fought through the challenges of New York's disastrous bail and discovery reform legislation that gives leniency to criminals and denies victims’ rights. While the COVID-19 epidemic backed up the court system and released criminals back into our community.

Through all these obstacles Mike and the dedicated prosecutors of Broome County District Attorney's Office have sent countless violent criminals to prison, taking guns and deadly fentanyl off our streets. Mike has fought to protect our children by putting more resource officers in our schools. Mike and the current staff of the District Attorney’s office convict felons at TWICE THE STATE AVERAGE!

But Mike has more work to do and will continue to fight for the safety of the citizens of Broome County with dedication and integrity as your District Attorney.

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